10 lessons learned over five years in business

Illustration by neilslorance.com

Illustration by neilslorance.com

#1 Every day is a learning curve. Or if you’re smart it is. Every day, every project, every client interaction, every cost estimate is an opportunity to see where you did well or, just as likely, where you could do better or work smarter going forward. Starting with #2. Continue reading

10 (alternative) self-help books


#1 For those struggling to balance work life and home life… Coming Up For Air: How to Build a Balanced Life in a Workaholic World by Beth Sawi. Formerly a self-confessed workaholic and now Executive Vice President for a financial giant, Sawi shares her strategies for getting the most out of work and home life. Continue reading

10 things life’s too short for


#1 Ironing bedding. Or underwear for that matter. Who’s going to see it, other than you and your other half? Continue reading

10 things about enlisting the help of a cleaner


#1 It’s a thorny subject. Well, one of us may as well say it. Some people are silently disapproving. (“What? She needs a cleaner? At her age, with her lack of commitments? What does she do with her time?”) Others are openly envious. (“Oh you lucky thing, I’m trying and failing to convince my husband we need one.”) So, you just have to make your own call on it. See point #2. Continue reading

10 top tweets to take you into 2013


#1 “In between goals is a thing called life, that has to be lived and enjoyed.” Sid Caesar @PosPositive Continue reading

10 signs you’ve bitten off more than you can chew

#1 “You’ve been meaning to go to the loo for the last two hours but not yet managed to get away from your desk.” Continue reading

10 ways to be more productive

#1 Get up earlier. Admittedly, a horrendous prospect for many of us, but once you see how much you can get done in that hour or two at your desk before others get to theirs and the emails and calls start coming in, you’ll quickly be converted to the merit of an early rise. Continue reading