10 great smells


#1 Someone else’s chips, from a proper chippie. How come they always smell so good when they’re someone else’s? Continue reading


10 (more) instances of autocorrect gone wrong

And these are just the ones I've noticed!!

And these are just the ones I’ve noticed!!

Intended to type: “Just replied!!”
Autocorrected to: “Just repulsed!!” Continue reading

10 things that happen when technology fails


#1 You stop in your tracks… waiting expectantly for the glitch to fix itself… willing it to fix itself. When it doesn’t? See #2. Continue reading

10 things people search the web for


Search terms courtesy of WordPress Blog Stats. All spellings as originally typed.

#1 Sweet things… ‘early romantic gestures’, ‘romantic gestures for a romantic night in’, ‘kind gestures for girlfriend’, ‘small gestures to boyfriend of the year’, ‘compliments for girlfriend leaving for party’ (bless), ‘big romantic gestures while travelling away from partner’ and then this, ‘navigating the talking stage of a relationship’. Too cute. Continue reading

10 instances of iPhone Autocorrect gone wrong


Meant to type: “Guess what!! I came second at bowling!!”
Autocorrected to: “Guess what!! I came second at blowing!!”
(Make up your own jokes, if you will.) Continue reading

10 things someone should invent (if they haven’t already)


#1 An edible teabag. One that you simply dunk in boiling water and it dissolves, safe to drink. No more stirring round and round. No more squeezing. And most importantly, no more discarded teabags in the sink! Continue reading

10 signs you’re addicted to your smartphone


#1 It’s the first thing you reach for in the morning… before the loo, before a cuppa, before your partner lying beside you. Likewise it’s the last thing to leave your hands at night. Continue reading