10 romantic gestures


#1 “Having split up with my boyfriend a couple of months previously, I woke on Valentine’s Day to find a card from him popped through my letterbox. It wasn’t until a few hours later when I was heading off out somewhere that I opened the door to find that not only had he hand delivered the card during the night but he’d also left bucket upon bucket upon bucket of all kinds of colourful and wonderful flowers for me, outside my door. (We did get back together, but not until months later.)” Continue reading

10 simple yet great pleasures

Simple Yet Great Pleasures

#1 Lying tucked up in bed at night, warm and snug, listening to the howling wind and rain lashing against the window. Continue reading

10 stages of a relationship

For P.

For P.

#1 You feel the spark. You meet and just a few minutes of good-natured banter later you already know that there’s a spark about this one. They’re… different. You feel… different. All eyes and smiles, you exchange numbers. Then you part company and immediately worry whether they will actually call. They call!!!!! You feel about 17 again. Continue reading

10 things women say to men (and what they really mean)

#1 “It’s fine.”  Translation: “It is anything BUT fine.” Continue reading

10 observations about living with the opposite sex (the female perspective)

#1 “You find yourself watching programmes you didn’t even know existed, let alone thought you’d find yourself subjected to. Weapons of the Future. Extreme Engineering. Mythbusters. And the wake-up moment of all wake up moments Most Underpants Worn At One Time, followed immediately after by Longest Human Mattress Domino.”  Continue reading

10 observations about living with the opposite sex (the male perspective)

#1 “They talk at the most critical part of a TV programme or movie. They talk over the big match commentary. They talk as you’re dropping off to sleep. They even talk over you when you’re talking. Basically, they’re always talking.”

Continue reading

10 chat-up lines guys use (and with what results).

“Feel this.” (Guy gestures to his shirt collar.)
(Girl obliges.)
“That’s boyfriend material, that is.”
Resulted in: the start – and sadly also the end – of the conversation Continue reading