10 things that don’t go together


#1 Lipgloss and windy weather. A thought that occurs to me practically every day at present. But still I won’t be parted from my Bobbi Brown gloss, even if half of it does end up shlepped against my cheek. And while on the subject of windy weather, see #2. Continue reading


10 movies for 10 Sunday nights

#1 Man on a Ledge. (Not to be confused with Man on a Wire… nor is it a film about a man on a ledge for the whole 102 minutes running time.) Hard to predict storyline for those who like to spend half the movie perched on the edge of their seats. Gorgeous male lead (Sam Worthington). Gorgeous female lead (Elizabeth Banks). Both ends of the sofa happy. Oh, and a surprisingly cool performance from a grown up Billy Elliot. Continue reading