10 snippets from one 40th birthday bash


Wife of birthday boy: “He keeps taking photos of Ryan Gosling to his hairdresser and saying: ‘Make me look like him!'”
*Squawk from all the females at the table*
Wife: “I know. It’s not the hairdresser he needs  it’s the gym.” Continue reading


10 (more) instances of autocorrect gone wrong

And these are just the ones I've noticed!!

And these are just the ones I’ve noticed!!

Intended to type: “Just replied!!”
Autocorrected to: “Just repulsed!!” Continue reading

10 things you hear on the badminton court*


*When two friends return to the game after longer than they care to remember

(After just missing a shot)
“If [insert husband’s name] was here he’d be shouting at me: ‘Run for it. RUUUN. FOR. IIIIIIT!’ Continue reading

10 things I should probably know by now (but don’t)


#1 How a plane stays in the air. When you think of the sheer weight of an aeroplane, then see one up in the sky… it just doesn’t make any sense. Continue reading

10 (more) things only family say and get away with


#1 “Are you wearing your jumper back to front?” (Answer: no, the buttons are meant to be down the back… it’s the design!!!) Continue reading

10 things that happen when technology fails


#1 You stop in your tracks… waiting expectantly for the glitch to fix itself… willing it to fix itself. When it doesn’t? See #2. Continue reading

10 thoughts about the common garden snail


Great bravery was shown snapping this (baby) snail

#1 They seem to have no sense of danger. Whatsoever. Driveways, paths, doorsteps, pavements  it’s all fair game to them, making it incredibly hard not to stand on one of the little shell-covered critters. The very sight of them might turn my stomach but the last thing I want to do is stand on one. One, it’s a bit mean. Two, it’s a bit… messy. Continue reading