10 things exercise is good for (in addition to your health)


As little as 30 mins cardio three to five days a week can add years to your life, says Cameron Diaz in The Body Book

#1 Getting over a break up. There’s something about getting yourself physically stronger that helps you feel emotionally and mentally stronger too. Empowered, even. The fact it leaves you looking that little bit trimmer doesn’t hurt either.  Continue reading

10 good things about January (yes, really)


Introducing my first ever ‘Good Things’ jar

#1 The shortest day of the year is officially behind us. From here on in, the mornings will slowly but surely get lighter and evenings longer, daffodils and tulips will bloom, gardens will spring back to life, temperatures will lift and the sun will shine. That said, see #2. Continue reading

10 things someone should invent (if they haven’t already)


#1 An edible teabag. One that you simply dunk in boiling water and it dissolves, safe to drink. No more stirring round and round. No more squeezing. And most importantly, no more discarded teabags in the sink! Continue reading

10 thoughts from the treadmill


#1 God this is tough today. Why so? Maybe it was all that wine at the weekend… [minutes later]… right this is ridiculous, no more wine the night before a run… [seconds later]… hmm, that’d mean a lot of nights without wine though. Continue reading

10 good reasons to join John Hartson for the BraveHart Ben Nevis Challenge, 12-14 July 2013

John Hartson with his wife and fellow BraveHart, Sarah Hartson

John Hartson with wife and fellow BraveHart, Sarah

#1 If John can climb Ben Nevis, so can you. Sure, he may be an ex-professional footballer turned Assistant Manager for the Welsh FA with fitness levels most of us can only aspire to. But when John first scaled Ben Nevis back in 2010 he had only recently completed treatment for testicular cancer; treatment so gruelling that on one occasion his heart stopped beating. Resuscitated by medical staff, John made a promise to himself that if he won his battle against the disease he would one day go on to climb Ben Nevis – a promise he made good exactly one year to the day that he had stopped breathing. Continue reading

10 common ailments of the 21st Century


#1 iPhone arm. (Also referred to as smartphone strain.) That awkward ache you experience in your lower arm and wrist after lying propped up in bed holding your iPhone aloft for too long reading your emails, Twitter feed and favourite websites first thing in the morning or last thing at night. Continue reading

10 ways the humble nut could improve your health


#1 Reduce your risk of a heart attack with a handful of nuts every day. In their New York Times bestseller, SuperFoods, authors Steven Pratt MD and Kathy Matthews say that a handful of nuts eaten five or more times a week can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by at least 15 per cent and possibly as much as 51 per cent. They go on to say that a similar nut intake can also significantly reduce the risk of diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and many cancers. Continue reading

10 things about cutting down on sugar (month six)


#1 It IS do-able. That might not sound like much if you’re new to this blog but readers of my earlier post,’10 things about cutting down on sugar (month one)’, will be aware I’m a self-confessed sugar monster and have been all my adult life. Continue reading

10 things about cutting down on sugar (month one)

#1 It’s harder than you think because it’s in more things than you think. Not just the obvious things like biscuits, cakes, chocolate and wine. Not just the-less-obvious-but-becoming-increasingly-well-known things like yoghurt, tomato ketchup, beans and bread. Not just the things with naturally occurring sugars such as fruit, vegetables, fresh juices and nuts. But things you would never in a million years think of as containing sugar… things like semi-skimmed milk. Yes, milkContinue reading

10 sure-fire signs of PMT

#1 You hear yourself saying aloud things you would normally only think to yourself. Things like, “You / he / she / they / this / that / it… is DOING MY HEAD IN!!!” Continue reading