10 things that don’t go together


#1 Lipgloss and windy weather. A thought that occurs to me practically every day at present. But still I won’t be parted from my Bobbi Brown gloss, even if half of it does end up shlepped against my cheek. And while on the subject of windy weather, see #2. Continue reading


10 signs autumn’s approaching


#1 You’re overcome with the sudden urge to nest and DIY. Much-needed sorting, clearing and painting gets done. Homes and interiors magazines start appearing in your shopping trolley. And you find a Sunday afternoon spent indoors putting up new kitchen shelves positively exciting. And you’re not the only one. See point #2. Continue reading

10 things you don’t expect to find in the garden (but I did)


#1 A toddler. Yup, a real live (and unfamiliar to me) toddler. Panic not, toddler and family were reunited within a matter of minutes. But for those few minutes I sure was panicking, as were his parents. In fact the only person not panicking was the little dude himself who was far more concerned with what might lie underneath a rock. Continue reading

10 things that happen when the sun shines over the UK

#1 Men get a spring in their step. Women get a spring in their step. Suddenly, everyone’s feeling punch-drunk on Vitamin D and everywhere looks so much… nicer. Continue reading