10 not so great smells


#1 That rotten egg catalytic convertor smell. Do you point out to your passenger or driver that you didn’t, in fact, trump? Or do you gamble on them knowing that it’s the catalytic convertor and keep schtum? Continue reading


10 thoughts about the common garden snail


Great bravery was shown snapping this (baby) snail

#1 They seem to have no sense of danger. Whatsoever. Driveways, paths, doorsteps, pavements  it’s all fair game to them, making it incredibly hard not to stand on one of the little shell-covered critters. The very sight of them might turn my stomach but the last thing I want to do is stand on one. One, it’s a bit mean. Two, it’s a bit… messy. Continue reading

10 things someone should invent (if they haven’t already)


#1 An edible teabag. One that you simply dunk in boiling water and it dissolves, safe to drink. No more stirring round and round. No more squeezing. And most importantly, no more discarded teabags in the sink! Continue reading

10 ways in which growing your own vegetables is like raising a family.

#1 From the moment you bring the packets of seeds home, plant them, water them, feed them, you become engrossed in watching for signs of development. Continue reading