10 lessons learned over five years in business

Illustration by neilslorance.com

Illustration by neilslorance.com

#1 Every day is a learning curve. Or if you’re smart it is. Every day, every project, every client interaction, every cost estimate is an opportunity to see where you did well or, just as likely, where you could do better or work smarter going forward. Starting with #2. Continue reading

10 blonde moments


#1 Thinking LinkedIn was pronounced Linkeydin until overhearing someone else pronounce it properly. Continue reading

10 things about creative people


#1 We hate to think we’re stereotypical (the stereotype being temperamental, flouncy, feisty, obstinate, overly sensitive and quick to take offence, amongst other undesirables) but we are… a little. When things are going well  a style, an idea, a piece of writing, a big project that’s finally coming together  we’re over the moon and buzzy, buzzy, buzzy. Most other times, we’re a bit stressed and distracted, quite frankly. Continue reading

10 things about being a Copywriter


#1 It’s not the easiest of job titles to have. With no official passing out parade in the form of an apprenticeship scheme or universal qualification, you can spend the early part of your career wondering at what point you can genuinely claim to be a writer. Is it after a certain number of years of writing? After seeing your name on a magazine or newspaper byline? After publishing a book, even? The prefix ‘copy’ doesn’t help matters. “What’s that then?” is the most common response you get upon telling someone you’re a Copywriter. Others will ask if it’s to do with trademarking (copyright) or insurance (Underwriter). In simple terms, a Copywriter writes text – referred to as copy – for advertising, design and marketing materials. Continue reading