10 things that only happen over the Christmas holidays


#1 Despite popping to the supermarket nearly every day in the run up to Christmas, come December 26th you have nothing of any nutritious value to eat. Well you might have, but with every darned plate, bowl and tub in your fridge covered in tinfoil it’s hard to be sure. Continue reading


10 things that don’t go together


#1 Lipgloss and windy weather. A thought that occurs to me practically every day at present. But still I won’t be parted from my Bobbi Brown gloss, even if half of it does end up shlepped against my cheek. And while on the subject of windy weather, see #2. Continue reading

10 signs Christmas is in the air


#1 You have to talk yourself out of buying every sparkly top you see  ‘Put the hanger down, step AWAY from the sequins’ – reminding yourself over and over that every year you buy one and every year you wear it only once. Absolutely. No. More. Oh but how you covet those lovely sparkly sequins. Continue reading

10 snippets from one 40th birthday bash


Wife of birthday boy: “He keeps taking photos of Ryan Gosling to his hairdresser and saying: ‘Make me look like him!'”
*Squawk from all the females at the table*
Wife: “I know. It’s not the hairdresser he needs  it’s the gym.” Continue reading

10 (more) instances of autocorrect gone wrong

And these are just the ones I've noticed!!

And these are just the ones I’ve noticed!!

Intended to type: “Just replied!!”
Autocorrected to: “Just repulsed!!” Continue reading

10 things you hear on the badminton court*


*When two friends return to the game after longer than they care to remember

(After just missing a shot)
“If [insert husband’s name] was here he’d be shouting at me: ‘Run for it. RUUUN. FOR. IIIIIIT!’ Continue reading

10 things I should probably know by now (but don’t)


#1 How a plane stays in the air. When you think of the sheer weight of an aeroplane, then see one up in the sky… it just doesn’t make any sense. Continue reading