10 things about 10thingsby.com

#1 10thingsby.com is written by Lesley Dougall, freelance copywriter, unpublished author (give me time) and blogger.

#2 It’s added to by family and friends… and their family and friends. A massive thank you to everyone for sharing your experiences (sometimes knowingly, sometimes less so!!) and for spreading the word via retweets and Facebook.

#3 It started in April 2012 as an experiment to see whether it was possible to stretch to 10 facts, thoughts or points about any random subject.

#4 It was also a chance to write for the fun of it, instead of solely writing for a living.

#5 The original goal was 52 weekly posts, one full year of blogging; a goal that was reached on Friday 5th April 2013.

#6 It’s a bit… random. A bit like life really.

#7 It’s updated every Friday and you can stay up-to-date with each new post by signing up for a free email alert or by following @10thingsby

#8 It’s open to special requests. Got a great idea for a subject or a good cause that could be covered in 10? Email copywriter@lesleydougall.com

#9 Its content is the copyright of Lesley Dougall Copywriting Limited and 10thingsby.com 2013. Ask nicely though and I might let you reproduce it so long as you let me know and clearly credit the source. Email copywriter@lesleydougall.com

#10 It would make a great regular feature or column if any newspaper or magazine editors out there happen to be reading. (A girl can try!)


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