10 not so great smells


#1 That rotten egg catalytic convertor smell. Do you point out to your passenger or driver that you didn’t, in fact, trump? Or do you gamble on them knowing that it’s the catalytic convertor and keep schtum?

#2 Rubber gloves. Great for protecting your hands from household cleaners and detergents. Not so great the next time you raise your hands anywhere near your nose.

#3 Money, be it man-handled coins or well-worn paper notes. There’s something about the smell of both that makes you want to wash your hands after touching them.

#4 Wet wool. That feeling of sitting on a train after getting caught in a rain shower and knowing that, thanks to the wool content of your hat or jacket, you smell like wet dog to everyone else around you.

#5 Over-ripe bananas. Ideal when baking Nigella’s banana and chocolate chip loaf, but oh the smell they give off… *wrinkles nose*

#6 Fish. I have nothing to say other than get it away from me and keep it away from me.

#7 Fake tan. There’s someone’s first million pound invention waiting to be made right there. A fake tan capable of creating that touch of colour without the ‘hi-everyone-guess-who-is-wearing-fake-tan’ smell. Can it be so difficult?

#8 Air fresheners, ironically enough. Spray, plug-in or car. What happened to just opening a window? Speaking of which, see #9.

#9 Rapeseed oil. Inoffensive enough when cold in the bottle but when heated… that’s one helluva strong smell. And it doesn’t half linger.

#10 Chicken pellet fertiliser. Despite me repeatedly asking (for ‘asking’ read ‘pleading with’) my dad not to bring these dried chicken poo pellets into my garden he insists it does the earth good. But to quote one of two young boys who cycled by my garden last summer: “Maaaan, something smells like sh*t.” You’re not wrong there!

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