10 great smells


#1 Someone else’s chips, from a proper chippie. How come they always smell so good when they’re someone else’s?

#2 Any boxed Apple product. Rumour has it (well actually, an Apple Store assistant told me) the subtle yet distinct scent of Apple packaging was specially commissioned just for them. No idea if it’s true, but that’s what I was told.

#3 Freshly ironed clothing. Anyone else love the smell of walking into a room just after someone’s been ironing? *Silence*

#4 The pages of a new book. Crisp, dry, papery.

#5 Aftershave. That moment where you’re quietly minding your own business, then someone passes or approaches wearing some heavenly scent. Oh hello.

#6 The hot, heavy, humid air as you first step off a plane telling you that you’ve landed somewhere far, far away from the crisp (for ‘crisp’ read ‘cold’) British air.

#7 Wallpaper paste. Don’t ask me why.

#8 Car windscreen wiper fluid. (When you scoosh your windscreen wipers – I’m not suggesting you sniff the container or anything.) Vaguely… perfumey.

#9 A recently extinguished match. Is this just getting weird now?

#10 The waft of essential oils that greets you as you’re led to or from a spa treatment room. And relaaaaaaax..

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3 thoughts on “10 great smells

  1. I’m with you on the ironing and the matches, but the wall paper paste and car wipe fluid… That could be strange 😉 I have a friend who likes the smell of bleach, but she used to be a nurse. And I used to like pipe tobacco because it meant dad was home! So maybe some of these are universal and some very personal….

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