10 things box sets are good for


#1 Passing the dark, winter nights. Making the grim British winter… a little less grim.

#2 Your pocket. Compare the cost of an episode to the cost of going to the cinema or downloading a film for all of 24 hours and you’re quids in.

#3 Switching off from work. Especially if you work from home. One or two quick episodes and your mind is on anything but work.

#4 Reducing your alcohol intake. Trying to cut down? Distract yourself with a box set. Ditto for resisting your cravings for sugary treats in the evenings.

#5 Weaning yourself off the habit of watching mindless rubbish. You may be watching TV but at least with a box set you’re watching something you’ve actively chosen to see. Which, in turn, can lead to #6.

#6 Cutting down on the amount of TV you watch. Once you get used to watching the good stuff, the mindless rubbish starts to lose its appeal and you find you’d rather go off and do something more useful instead. (Hang on, wasn’t that the strapline for the ‘Why Don’t You Club’?) (Only readers of a certain age need reply.)

#7 Conversation. Whether you’re working your way through a particular series with your other half, or passing various series around the family, box sets create a conversation point. (Which in my family usually starts with: “Have you got the next disc for me yet?”)

#8 Daydreaming. What it’d be like to be that rich and have no work to do (Ms. Emily Thorne – Revenge). What it’d be like to have an IQ that high, possess such natural talent and be so Goddamn nice (Will McAvoy – The Newsroom). What it’d be like to write a Broadway show from scratch (Julia Houston – Smash). We can but dream…

#9 Missing out on the adverts. Am I allowed to say that given I earn my living writing advertising and marketing materials? *Looks around nervously*

#10 Finally getting up to speed with the rest of the world and realising what everyone was banging on about in their Twitter streams and the like. Breaking Bad Series One… you’re next on my radar!

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