10 bad habits


#1 Using your sent mailbox and trash mailbox as an unofficial filing system for your emails. Before you know it you have over 2,000 sent messages, God knows how many items in your trash, then your mac goes down and all hell breaks loose when you lose your ‘filing’ in one fell swoop.

#2 Scribbling a quick shopping list, then forgetting to take it with you. Hence you go to the shops for two or three key items, come back with a trolley-full  without one or more of your key items amongst them. Great.

#3 Failing to notice one small but essential item such as a piece of fresh ginger, a garlic bulb or pack of chewing gum (okay, not so essential but you get my point) at the bottom of the carrier bag and only realising it’s missing long after you’ve chucked the bag. Aaaargh. 

#4 Leaving the foil layer on the tub of butter once opened. Really annoys me every time I find it there, yet I’m the biggest culprit. How does that work?

#5 Asking someone a question then, because your mind races ahead rather than listens, asking the exact same question just minutes later. Again – guilty your Honour! Very.

#6 Putting used matches back in the box. Or the sin of ALL sins, putting empty sweetie wrappers back in the tub.

#7 Starting the replacement tube of toothpaste before completely finishing and chucking out the old one. You so know that both tubes are now just going to sit there together cluttering up your sink.

#8 Leaving the teaspoon in the mug while the tea brews. Burny!

#9 Adding chilli to every freakin’ dish. A trick they teach at Male Culinary School, it would appear.

#10 Sticking your finger into a tub of Philadelphia soft cheese then using it to mop up the broken bits at the bottom of your crisp packet. It’s only me that does this? *Exits quietly….*

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