10 things you don’t normally find in a hotel room


#1 Someone else’s luggage (take one). Right room number, wrong luggage. Back down to Reception we go.

#2 Someone else’s luggage (take two). This time, followed seconds later by the sight of the owner’s head as they sat up in bed to see who was entering their room late at night. Reception had only gone and double-booked an already occupied room!

#3 A stranger, letting themselves in via their very own keycard. (This double-booking rooms malarky is obviously more common than you’d think.) (Or am I just lucky?)

#4 Someone else’s toenail clippings. Neatly clipped and placed in a little pile on the carpet by the previous occupant and overlooked by the cleaning staff. *Gag*

#5 A big, bad cockroach in the kitchenette, resulting in me and my friend bravely (not) barricading ourselves in the bedroom with a rug against the door in case the pest should take it upon himself to crawl underneath and attack us while we slept. Paranoid? Us?

#6 A squirrel. Trapped in the loft space, unbeknown to me at the time. All I heard was clawing and scratching in the early hours of the morning and thought someone was trying to break into the room.

#7 A bottle of Champagne, courtesy of my friend’s boss, wishing us a relaxing spa break. We were hammered before dinner.

#8 A birthday cake, compliments of hotel management. The room maids must have spotted the birthday cards by the bed. Sweet.

#9 A hallway… followed by a living room… followed by a dressing room… followed by a roll top bath… followed by a double balcony. The surprise upgrade of all upgrades!

#10 So little floor space you could literally lie on the double bed and close the door to the room with your toe it was that ‘bijou’. But hell, it was New York, so who cares about the size of the room!

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