10 good things about January (yes, really)


Introducing my first ever ‘Good Things’ jar

#1 The shortest day of the year is officially behind us. From here on in, the mornings will slowly but surely get lighter and evenings longer, daffodils and tulips will bloom, gardens will spring back to life, temperatures will lift and the sun will shine. That said, see #2.

#2 It’s still way too early in the year for the grass to need cut. Always a bonus.

#3 Indoors, everywhere looks that little bit bigger and big bit tidier now that the Christmas tree is down and the decorations are packed away. *Feels a DIY project coming on*

#4 There’s a lovely feeling of 2014 being a clean slate; like anything and everything is possible. Guys look away now, girls lean in… I read the sweetest thing. Someone suggested taking an empty jar and labelling it ‘Good Things’. Every time something good happens over the course of your year, you pop a note into the jar as a reminder. Then, come December 31st, you open the jar and look back on all the good things that have happened over the year. How lovely an idea is that? Okay guys, you can rejoin us now. Nothing girlie going on here.

#5 Your evenings and weekends are your own again. No more to-do lists, shopping, decorating, wrapping, present-delivering or partying. Fellow hermits, rejoice. You can unearth those books you never quite got a chance to finish, pick up where you left off with those box sets you’re only half way through, heck you can even experiment with a new recipe or two. January is your oyster.

#6 You’re so sick of the sight of shops that it’s no hardship to stay away from the January sales, in-store or online. The added advantage being that every pound saved is another pound towards redressing the December overspend.

#7 The supermarket aisles (where, alas, you do have to return) are back to their normal calm selves. Trolley-jams are a thing of the past. No-one’s stocking up as if the world is going to end. Even your inbox is calmer; the frenzied ping-ping-ping of pre-Christmas emails from online retailers slowing to a more manageable drip-drip-driiiiip of sale-related offers until finally… email peace.

#8 You can look forward to new series of some of your favourite TV shows. Likewise, the kiddie-friendly movies that monopolised cinemas over the festive holidays finally make way for a flurry of new, more adult movie releases. (Not THAT kind of adult.)

#9 Much as falling off the wagon of healthy (hmmm… ish) eating for two solid weeks was fun, it’s officially time to say: ‘Enough’. You know it. Your body knows it. And the biscuit baby that’s appeared around your stomach is a sure-fire sign of it.  Within just a few days of normality, you’re already feeling more focused and energetic.

#10 You no longer run the risk of switching on the radio to hear Noddy Holder screeching ‘It’s Chriiiiiiiiist-maaaaas’ at you. Not for another 11 months anyway. Reason, in itself, to be thankful it’s January.

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