10 things that only happen over the Christmas holidays


#1 Despite popping to the supermarket nearly every day in the run up to Christmas, come December 26th you have nothing of any nutritious value to eat. Well you might have, but with every darned plate, bowl and tub in your fridge covered in tinfoil it’s hard to be sure.

#2 A cup of tea and a mince pie, or handful of Celebrations, becomes acceptable fayre for breakfast.

#3 You rediscover your love of board games, helped by a competitive new generation of players within the family. The words: ”THAT’S a camel?!”, “Must try harder!”, “Can I change teams?” and “Granny, can you keep hitting on Santa for me while I take my turn?” are all par for the course. (The latter in reference to an iPad game, not actual Santa.)

#4 Afforded the luxury of not having to set an alarm you wake to find you’ve slept for 9.5 hours straight. Who knew that was even possible, let alone several mornings in a row?

#5 When you finally do get up, you find yourself waylaid by a TV movie (Parenthood 2, in this particular case  great little movie). Before you know it, it’s already gone noon.

#6 You have to ask what day it is. 

#7 You open the oven and are surprised to find the long-forgotten remnants of Christmas dinner, overlooked during the big clean-up.

#8 Going a day without a drink becomes the exception rather than the rule, and your recycling bin for bottles looks startlingly like a case for the AA. And I’m not talking automobiles.

#9 You settle down one evening to watch a movie you’ve long fancied seeing, then promptly fall asleep 10 minutes into it and wake 10 minutes from the end. All those late nights have finally caught up with you and you find yourself in bed before 9pm… on a holiday!!

#10 Your body starts to positively crave its usual low-sugar low-alcohol diet, regular exercise regime and fresh air… just in time for the return to reality! Happy 2014 everyone!

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