10 things that don’t go together


#1 Lipgloss and windy weather. A thought that occurs to me practically every day at present. But still I won’t be parted from my Bobbi Brown gloss, even if half of it does end up shlepped against my cheek. And while on the subject of windy weather, see #2.

#2 Gale force winds coinciding with bin night. As a result, I’ve spent the last few weeks walking down the street thinking: “Sh*t, that’s my Liz Earle moisturiser over there… and is that my empty box of mince pies?! I wonder who in the street is using suntan lotion in December…?”

#3 One kind of cocktail followed by another kind of cocktail (uhm… and another). Speak. Can’t. Bed. Need.

#4 A garlic-heavy dinner and an almost overlooked early bird dental appointment. Thank heavens dentists wear those little white nose-and-mouth masks nowadays. *Mortified*

#5 Paper hankies and a recently spun dark wash. A combination guaranteed to make my heart sink on sight.

#6 Children and any degree of tact. “I can’t believe Lesley’s not married yet. I really can’t.” Michael, aged 13. God bless.

#7 A blueberry-laden bowl of porridge in the morning and gaps in your teeth. With one quick smile you can give an unsuspecting postie or courier an awful fright. Not to mention yourself when you next catch sight of yourself in the mirror!

#8 Beds that squeak and semi-detached houses. *Blushing*

#9 Alcohol and bathsA glass of wine or a cold beer and… a hot bath? I just don’t get the appeal. I don’t.

#10 Recent sci-fi action film Gravity and a sensitive stomach. After the first 15 minutes of non-stop circling of the spaceship – the space people, not me – I had an awful case of motion sickness. And I’m not the only one, judging by some of the reviews. (Still well worth seeing though if you’re looking for something to do over the holidays.)

Happy Christmas holidays everyone and thanks loads for reading this year 🙂 xx

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