10 snippets from one 40th birthday bash


Wife of birthday boy: “He keeps taking photos of Ryan Gosling to his hairdresser and saying: ‘Make me look like him!'”
*Squawk from all the females at the table*
Wife: “I know. It’s not the hairdresser he needs  it’s the gym.”

Guest: “Are you not having a starter?”
Birthday boy: “I’m not here to eat. I’m here to partaaaaay.”

Referring to the venue’s enormous Christmas tree: “You know I’m big on trees.”
Confused look no. 1: “You’re big on cheese?”

Referring to party boy: “Oh look. He’s kissing already.”
Confused look no.2 and simultaneous head swivel: “He’s kissing Freddy??”
(Okay, someone turn down the music now.)

“Are you telling them about the fish that changes sex?”
(This one wasn’t confused. There really was a story about a fish that changed sex!)

Guest to waiter: “Excuse me, see my chicken curry?”
Waiter: “Yes?”
Guest: “Well, I can’t find any chicken in it. Like, at all.”
(There really wasn’t.)

Guest 1: “I treated myself to some [insert brand] perfume today.”
Guest 2: “Oh, we bought that same perfume today – for my mother-in-law.”
Guest 1: “Ohhh-kaaaaay…. ”

Wife mid-story: “I was tired and I was hungry…”
Husband, animated: “She was like a gremlin! You have to watch her at midnight.”
Wife: ‘Oi!’

Best friend 1: “She doesn’t believe I can be a complete bitch.”
Best friend 2: “That’s because you’ve changed.”
(Two best friends telling it like only two best friends can tell it!)

Hostess spotting me scribbling: “Are you going to write a blog about the worst 40th ever??”
Me: “Nope, I’m going to write a blog about one of the funniest 40ths ever!”
(Well, it was funny to us… at the time… nothing to do with the alcohol…)

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