10 (more) instances of autocorrect gone wrong

And these are just the ones I've noticed!!

And these are just the ones I’ve noticed!!

Intended to type: 
“Just replied!!”
Autocorrected to: 
“Just repulsed!!”

Intended to type: “Quick question for you.”
Autocorrected to: 
“Quick wellies for you.”
(Uhm… how is that even close?!)

Intended to type: 
“There’s nothing podgy about you.”
Autocorrected to: 
“There’s nothing prodigy about you.”

Intended to type: “Ps cool trews.”
Autocorrected to: 
“Ps cool trees.”
(Guessing Autocorrect doesn’t know ‘trews’ is short for ‘trousers’!)

Intended to type: “Okay dokey.”
Autocorrected to: 
“Okay donkey.”
(This one was only going to my niece, thank God!!)

Intended to type: 
Autocorrected to: 

Intended to type: 
“I checked with Mr WordPress…”
Autocorrected to: 
“I clenched with Mr WordPress…”
(And release…)

Intended to type: 
“I’m hank marvin.” 
Autocorrected to: 
“I’m hank margin.”
(There was nothing marginal about it. I was starving.)

Intended to type: 
“I’ve got a meeting booked around 2’ish.” 
Autocorrected to: 
“I’ve got a meeting booked around fish.”

(And saving the best for last…)
Intended to type: “…headed home for afternoon shift.”
Autocorrected to: “…headed home for afternoon sh*t.”
(Niiiiiiiice….. !!)

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