10 things you hear on the badminton court*


*When two friends return to the game after longer than they care to remember

(After just missing a shot)
“If [insert husband’s name] was here he’d be shouting at me: ‘Run for it. RUUUN. FOR. IIIIIIT!’

“Good grief, dodging that one was a matter of survival!”

*Serves over arm*
“What was THAT?”
“Oops, wrong game.”

“Jesus, there are balls coming from every angle.”
(The perils of being assigned the court next to the table tennis squad.)

“Too much hilarity! FOCUS!”

“It’s like my brain and arm are out of synch. My brain thinks it’s already hit it then my arm misses it.”

“What’s the score?”
“You’re not playing very well this week.”
“Noooo… you have the one point… I have the five!”

“I need a tactician to tell me what I’m doing wrong.”
*Catches sight of opponent’s wry smile*

*Drop shot falls just short of the net*
“Ha, that’ll teach you.”
*Proceeds to do exact same shot as opponent with exact same result*
“Oh… that’ll teach me.”

(After missing another shot and having to send some shuttlecocks her opponent’s way)
“Here, have them. Have them all. You may as well… Satan’s children.”

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