10 things I should probably know by now (but don’t)


#1 How a plane stays in the air. When you think of the sheer weight of an aeroplane, then see one up in the sky… it just doesn’t make any sense.

#2 The words to the national anthem. I’m a big fan of HRH Queen Elizabeth II, so I’d love to be able to belt out the national anthem whenever occasion calls for it. But it’s the same with Flower of Scotland. I start off strong then…. *awkwardly trails off*

#3 Which way is north. (Without a compass, obviously.) I’m not sure what I would actually do with this knowledge, being as directionally challenged as I am. It just seems like the sort of life skill an adult should have.

#4 Where hiccups come from. 

#5 What causes all those tailbacks on motorways. You know the ones where you come to a near halt, crawl along in first gear for what seems like ages, then the traffic starts moving again with not so much as a sign as to the cause of the delay. Nothing.

#6 Why it’s so much easier to wake up and get up at the weekend, compared with a work day.

#7 How to make scrambled eggs. Boiled. Fried. Poached. Omelette. All of these I can do. But scrambled remains elusive to my bag of culinary tricks. Several boyfriends have tried to show me. Brain refuses. Egg overload.

#8 Why the iPad takes so much longer to charge than any other i-device or Apple product. Hours. At. A. Time.

#9 How much pasta equals one portion. If you were to add up the amount of unwanted cooked pasta I’ve binned in my lifetime… well, it’d be a LOT. It always looks so much less when it’s just out the packet.

#10 Why, when I know nothing about the game of rugby and have no interest in knowing anything about the game of rugby (I only just discovered there’s rugby union and rugby league), I find it oddly soothing to have the TV commentary on in the background. Have done since I was a child. Go figure that one out 🙂

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