10 (more) things only family say and get away with


#1 “Are you wearing your jumper back to front?” (Answer: no, the buttons are meant to be down the back… it’s the design!!!)

#2 “You smell like onion.”

#3 “I don’t need to wear my hearing aid when I’m with you.”

#4 “You look really intelligent with those on. It’s amazing what a pair of glasses can do to a person.”

#5 “If I ever start to smell of old lady, you will tell me won’t you?”

#6 (Five-year old boy on arriving home from school to find the cleaner had been for the first time.) “Wow, this is a-ma-zing. It doesn’t look like our house.”

#7 (His seven-year old brother to his mum.) “I really love you mummy. Most of the time.”

#8 “You look better in clothes than me, but I probably look better naked.”

#9 (10-year old to her auntie.) “I went as a mad scientist, my friend went as Bob the Builder and my other friend went as a minion. You won’t know what that is.”

#10 (Retiree.) “I could be lying here dead for days and no-one would know.” (Adult son.) “But you live close enough that we’d soon smell you.”

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