10 things people search the web for


Search terms courtesy of WordPress Blog Stats. All spellings as originally typed.

#1 Sweet things… ‘early romantic gestures’, ‘romantic gestures for a romantic night in’, ‘kind gestures for girlfriend’, ‘small gestures to boyfriend of the year’, ‘compliments for girlfriend leaving for party’ (bless), ‘big romantic gestures while travelling away from partner’ and then this, ‘navigating the talking stage of a relationship’. Too cute.

#2 It’s not-looking-so-good things… ‘girl look blankly in guys direction’, ‘what women really mean by saying they don’t have time right now’, ‘women say they have to leave’, ‘things to say to guys when they are mean’, ‘things women say when they mad’, ‘9 craziest things women say’, ‘things women say but what they mean is really different’, ‘relationships, first row’ and ‘nice gestures to win back ex girlfriend’.

#3 Wonder-what-the-answer-was things… ‘what is the name for someone who dislikes noisy eaters’, ’10 things to do with sellotape’, ‘what to do with my eyebrows if i’m going from brunette to blonde’, ‘what are the lines guys use’, ‘what women really mean when they say you plan it’ (uhm.. how about.. you plan it?), ‘things girls should know about the scrotum’, ‘is 80% good enough?’ and ‘is having bird poo on your windscreen illegal’.

#4 Funny things… ‘pmt-face’, ‘Im the baby of the family and i get away with everything’, ’10 things you say to men and what they actually here’ and ‘la la leley ahaaaaaaaaaa’ (I think this last one was my own niece, though how it linked her to my blog is anyone’s guess.)

#5 Slightly worrying things… ‘very mean things to say’, ‘how to trick a newbie at gym’, ‘backhanded compliments at girlfriend’, ‘smokey charcoal smell coming from basement’, ‘grey pubic hair’ (worrying in that it means Mr Google links grey pubic hair to me and my blog… just what a girl wants to be associated with).

#6 Completely random things… ‘why is everyone going brunette’, ‘how to barbecue in the wind’, ‘nice thoughts for the gym’, ‘deep heat on fake tan’ (searched for, or variations it, several times so actually not as random as you might think), ‘signs you are too cold’, ‘why does it keep raining in July’ (obviously a Brit) and ‘eggs’ (that was it… just… ‘eggs’).

#7 Eurghhhh things… ‘babestation after 10’, ‘sex 10chat’, ‘short haired asbo milf’ (charming), ‘dental floss milf’, ‘milf categories’ (milfs proving very popular it seems) and a good few more that I won’t print but you can see where they’re headed.

#8 Surprisingly popular things… over and over… and over… not a day goes by without at least one person searching for some variation of ‘pmt signs’, ‘sods law examples’ (see #9) and ‘things to invent that haven’t been invented’. By far, the three most popular search terms with regards to bringing people to 10thingsby.com.

#9 Misspelt things… ‘romantic gestures for your girlfriends’ (here’s hoping they meant ‘girlfriend’ singular), ‘milky yabar’ (like a milky bar, only Glaswegian), ‘god design treadmills’ (on the 8th day, perhaps?), ‘thinsg thatbweretn around in 2004’ (drinking or driving while searching?) and my outright favourite, ‘sod real life examples’ (not to worry, we know what you meant).

#10 Unknown things… the majority of search terms are, in fact, unknown as many search engines don’t reveal them for privacy reasons. And with the news this week that the big cheese himself, Mr Google, has switched all searches over to encrypted searches, that’s probably that. Happy (private) searching 🙂

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