10 blonde moments


#1 Thinking LinkedIn was pronounced Linkeydin until overhearing someone else pronounce it properly.

#2 Running for the last train home after a night out drinking then wondering why there was only one train showing on the otherwise all-black departures board. Err, because it’s the last train??

#3 Batch-cooking a pot of home-made tomato sauce, then red pepper and lime soup, then tomato soup… yup, all red… and relying on being able to remember where they were planked in the freezer, unlabelled, in order to identify which was which. Obvious outcome: several instances of defrosting soup only to discover it was tomato sauce and vice versa.

#4 Sprinkling a healthy layer of Schwartz Chilli Powder into my morning porridge instead of Schwartz Ground Cinnamon as intended. A blonde moment you only have once.

#5 Dabbing a handful of paint samples shortlisted for a feature wall onto a wall. Unfortunately not the wall earmarked as being the feature wall. Only took FIVE coats of white to cover them.

#6 Getting up at silly o’clock to attend a creative breakfast event before work, only thinking to double-check that I had the correct date once I was physically on the train there. Two weeks early.

#7 Buying a present for my brother-in-law and getting verbal dyslexia. Brain thought “cufflinks”. Mouth said (to a male shop assistant, no less): “I’m looking for some handcuffs…”

#8 Painstakingly preparing two trays of strawberries dipped in milk and white chocolate for a family party I was hosting, putting them in the fridge to chill, then forgetting all about them until I went back into the fridge… the next morning.

#9 Complaining that the ice cubes in the fridge freezer were “bl**dy cold”. (In my defence though, they were.) (Uhm, obviously.)

#10 Going live with my first ever post for 10thingsby.com… with only 9 things. Gah! Fortunately, with it being my first post I had no followers, but seriously, what an *rse 🙂

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