10 things about flat tyres


#1 They never happen at a convenient time because there is no convenient time for such an inconvenience.

#2 Not only do they never happen at a convenient time, but you can be sure they will happen at the single most inconvenient time. The day your stress levels have just about had their fill of what they can handle will be the very day you walk out of your house, work or the supermarket to find… *silent scream*… a flat tyre.

#3 They’re the source of some controversy. Should every driver know how to change a tyre? Some say yes. Others (uhm… me) question how many women have the physical strength to put the replacement tyre on securely enough to be safe on the road?

#4 In an RAC-conducted poll, 76% of respondents said that when they get a flat tyre they change it. The remaining 24% call out the recovery services. Not sure if the latter includes those who turn first to the 5th emergency service… dad/brother/boyfriend/husband.

#5 In AA figures, a flat tyre was cited as the second most common reason for call outs; the number one reason being a flat battery. Both miles better (pun intended) than the lady driver who called out Britannia Rescue to… remove a spider from her vehicle.

#6 To quote official gov.uk guidance on vehicle maintenance, safety and security: “If you have a flat tyre, stop as soon as it is safe to do so. Only change the tyre if you can do so without putting yourself or others at risk – otherwise call a breakdown service.” (Note: no mention of what to do in the event of a spider.)

#7 Some flat tyres can actually be fixed without the need for a new tyre. Who knew? (Other than the millions of drivers savvier than me.) (However for anyone as uninitiated in all things cars as me, apparently it depends on the nature and location of the puncture, and is best decided by the garage.)

#8 Those that can’t be fixed can be expensive. Particularly so for those driving cars with run-flat tyres which are even more expensive to replace than your average tyres. Worth considering when choosing your next car.

#9 The average driver only gets a flat tyre once every 44,000 miles or five years. (Telegraph 2012.) Some of us are obviously just ‘lucky’ then…

#10 According to an article by mancunianmatters.co.uk, a Japanese businessman was accused of slashing the tyres of five cars belonging to women… all in a bid to spark up conversation with them! Allegedly, he would puncture the tyres then wait for the owners to return before pointing out the flat tyre and offering help. Cheeky beggar (allegedly).

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