10 signs autumn’s approaching


#1 You’re overcome with the sudden urge to nest and DIY. Much-needed sorting, clearing and painting gets done. Homes and interiors magazines start appearing in your shopping trolley. And you find a Sunday afternoon spent indoors putting up new kitchen shelves positively exciting. And you’re not the only one. See point #2.

#2 Your local IKEA store needs traffic management… in-store!

#3 After months of drinking chilled white wine or the occasional glass of Rosé, you get a strong notion for a glass of red.

#4 Autumn catalogues you threw aside months earlier due to their hugely mistimed arrival (note to catalogue companies: we understand that for stock purposes you have to plan for autumn and winter in spring and summer but no-one else wants to) you now dig back out of the file-me-or-bin-me pile and study intently.

#5 You have an urge to cook hearty, proper food and find yourself recording random cookery shows and following recipe feeds on Twitter for inspiration. Heck, you might even treat yourself to some new recipe books.

#6 You try hard  but fail  not to notice that it’s getting darker earlier and quicker at night. Early September still counts as late summer, right?

#7 You lose half of all newspaper or gossip website coverage to X-factor. Dear God, it’s back so soon?

#8 You find yourself checking what day Christmas lands on this year so as to work out when you’ll finish up for the holidays.

#9 You quit your once-hourly habit of checking the weather forecast to see whether it’s going to be dry, warm and sunny all at the same time. (A harder trio to achieve in Britain than you might think.)

#10 You find that a tiny part of you is secretly thrilled at the prospect of reclaiming your most favourite woolly hat (pink, of course) from the hats-scarves-and-gloves box. Oh bring it on then…

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