10 thoughts from the sun lounger


#1 “Well, that’s one way to test just how waterproof Bobbi Brown’s waterproof mascara really is. [Very  for anyone interested]. A noon o’clock foam party by the pool.”

#2 “It’s surprising just how many times you can search for your sunglasses only to find them, minutes later, already on your head!!”

#3 *Sound of something whizzing past at high speed then hitting someone close by* “Note to self  tomorrow, don’t pick a sun lounger directly behind the water polo goals.”

#4 “You can get sticky-on false nails for your toes?!” (I genuinely thought the lady on the adjacent lounger had painstakingly hand-painted that intricate zebra stripe pattern, but no. Shop bought.)

#5 “How come aqua gym (pronounced ‘aqua jeeeeeem’) is so much easier than the actual gym?” *10 minutes of non-stop arm exercises later* “I take it ALL back….”

#6 “Wow, how much easier is it to eat healthily – salads, fruits, vegetables – when someone pre-prepares it all for you?” (No need to mention those optional sides of cheese, fries and wine.)

#7 “The last thing anyone who’s more than mildly scared of the open sea wants to see and hear when paddling in the shallows is a passerby on dry land looking out towards the incoming waves and proclaiming: ‘Uh ohhh….’ (I just about gave myself whiplash my head spun around so quickly.)

#8 “Going on a straw poll of this poolside – admittedly, not the most robust of studies – the number of dinosaurs like me who prefer to read an actual, physical book still outweighs the number of Kindle converts. That said, with the kg you could save in baggage, it is tempting…

#9 “Funny (or not) how long a song lyric as basic as ‘Oi, oi, oi’ can remain in your head. Oi, oi, oi…oi, oi, oi…”

#10 *Happy sigh* I should do this more often.”

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