10 things life’s too short for


#1 Ironing bedding. Or underwear for that matter. Who’s going to see it, other than you and your other half?

#2 Cling film. Can anyone ever get to grips with that annoyingly evasive edge without wasting minutes of their life? Same applies to its seasonal counterpart, Sellotape.

#3 Buttoning the bottom of your duvet cover. The clue is in the word ‘bottom’. Who’s going to see it? Not even you if you cleverly tuck it in to the tailboard. Et voilà!

#4 Charcoal BBQs. Should have listened when everyone said to get gas, but no, charcoal was cheaper. (Yeah, for a reason as it turns out.)

#5 Unscrewing the cap on brand new sauce bottles, peeling the seal back then refitting the cap. Admit it – who hasn’t just pierced it with a fork once or twice when in a hurry or just feeling plain lazy?

#6 Washing your car. Let’s face it, if you live in the UK then chances are the bountiful supply of fresh rainwater does the job almost as well  and on a near daily basis too. (Okay, maybe not this week.)

#7 Ice cubes. First they make your drink too cold, then, in a flash, too watered down. Temperamental little things, ice cubes.

#8 Making your own pasta from scratch. Seriously, does anyone do this other than Jamie (Oliver) and the talented bods working hard to impress on Masterchef? It’s only going to get smothered in sauce anyway, so really, who’s going to be able to tell the difference?

#9 Reading instructions. It looks straightforward enough… *scratches head*

#10 Regrets. Such as regretting not reading the instructions (or worse, reading the instructions then daring to freestyle) and as a result finding yourself having to start all over again. Bugger…

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