10 things someone should invent (if they haven’t already)


#1 An edible teabag. One that you simply dunk in boiling water and it dissolves, safe to drink. No more stirring round and round. No more squeezing. And most importantly, no more discarded teabags in the sink!

#2 Fabric conditioner in the same scents as the best-selling perfumes and aftershaves. That way, you could enjoy all the softness of fabric-conditioned clothing without the overpowering smell that often comes with it. 

#3 A heated steering wheel. Like heated car seats (a Godsend in British winter time), only for your hands. Heaven. 

#4 (Mr Apple  if you’re listening) An iPod nano that can run third party iOS apps so that people who don’t want to take their iPhone with them into the gym can still benefit from the plethora of running and tracker apps now available.

#5 A sensor that would enable doctors to physically (and momentarily) feel your pain or symptoms, saving you having to try and explain it in words. Would also work for parents trying to figure out why their baby or toddler is under the weather.

#6 A range of handbags that come in all different shapes, colours and styles but share one universal cloth bag on the inside so that you can simply grab the contents of your bag and transfer them to the next in one easy go. No faffing.

#7 Grass feed that does the opposite to traditional feed. In other words it halts the lawn’s growth rather than encourages it, thereby removing the need to get the lawnmower out every week in summer.

#8 Shampoo capable of making your hair straight (or curly, should the mood take you)fake tan that doesn’t smell of fake tan, make-up that stays on all day and  the holy grail of holy grails  nail polish that doesn’t come off until you want it to. No chipping, no smudging, no budging. Power polish!

#9 An online shopping service whereby you select your recipes for the week and the computer bods on the other side automatically work out and deliver the exact ingredients you require, in the quantities you require them, for each recipe.

#10 Non-alcoholic drinks that taste like the alcoholic versions saving you a) the calories b) the hangovers c) the crazy behaviour d) all of the above. Well, we can dream…

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9 thoughts on “10 things someone should invent (if they haven’t already)

  1. What about ‘a beam me up Scotty’ transporter to take the stress out of travelling and get those who don’t like to travel far there in a jiffy.
    Or a handy off switch, so people actually talk to each other. How often have you been people watching and they aren’t talking to each other but all on their mobiles. Does anyone write letters now?
    Or grapefruits, how do you eat grapefruits without either getting into a real mess or deploying numerous lethal instruments?

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