10 things about enlisting the help of a cleaner


#1 It’s a thorny subject. Well, one of us may as well say it. Some people are silently disapproving. (“What? She needs a cleaner? At her age, with her lack of commitments? What does she do with her time?”) Others are openly envious. (“Oh you lucky thing, I’m trying and failing to convince my husband we need one.”) So, you just have to make your own call on it. See point #2.

#2 Life is short. Too short for working long, hard shifts – whether in paid employment, raising a family or a mix of the two – then spending those precious few hours leftover in the evenings or at weekends cleaning. (My call.)

#3 Finding a cleaner is not as straightforward as you’d think. For one thing, good cleaners are busy cleaners in high demand. For another, you need to find someone you feel comfortable having in your house, amongst your things, seeing how you live.

#4 Before your cleaner’s first visit, you’ll do one of two things. You’ll either clean up so as to make the house look semi-presentable as most people do, or, as in my case, you’ll leave your house as it is so they can see exactly what they’d be taking on. That way, you don’t need to run around cleaning up beforehand every week thereafter to keep up appearances. Method to my madness, my friends.

#5 After your cleaner’s first visit, you’ll wish you’d done it earlier. Years earlier. We’ll shop online to save time. We’ll take our car to the carwash because it’s quicker. We’ll eat out and pay for the privilege. We’ll pay a man to clean the outside of our windows or clear the gutters. Yet we feel inherently guilty at enlisting the help of a cleaner. Why?

#6 You quickly realise just how low your own standards of household cleanliness really were. The kitchen plughole is a shiny stainless steel and not a dirty brassy colour? Who knew?!

#7 Your cleaner will move things around. Perhaps they do it to let you know they’ve been there or maybe they do it just to be nice, but they’ll put bottles of handwash and moisturiser at slanty angles, fold and pile towels differently, rearrange cushions. Often, you’ll quietly move it all back to just how you like it. Other times, you’ll find you actually quite like what they’ve done.

#8 Once you see how good your house looks when every room is clean and tidy at the same time, you subconsciously begin making more of an effort to keep it that way between cleaning visits. Bonus.

#9 You come to see each visit as a treat. Like a trip to get your hair or nails done, you feel so much better for it afterwards. Calmer even. ‘Tidy house, tidy mind’ indeed.

#10 Still swithering? Try it. Even just one no-obligation trial visit. Because when you see what a good professional cleaner can get through in the time it would take you to do a quarter of as much, for the price they can do it at, you’ll be sold. Enjoy!

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