10 signs you’re addicted to your smartphone


#1 It’s the first thing you reach for in the morning… before the loo, before a cuppa, before your partner lying beside you. Likewise it’s the last thing to leave your hands at night.

#2 You could have sworn you heard it beep, ring or vibrate but when you go to check your new message there’s nothing there. How odd. Worse… see point #3.

#3 You sometimes pick up your phone to check for messages even when you haven’t heard it beep, ring or vibrate, just in case you might have inadvertently missed an incoming. Behaviour that can occur at your desk, at a friend’s house, at traffic lights, even while waiting in the supermarket check-out.

#4 You know where your phone is at any given time. Should, God forbid, you reach for it and find it’s not where you imagined it to be… well, cue instant panic as you mentally scroll through all the personal data you have stored on it. Messages, photos, fitness, apps…

#5 When attending a social occasion such as a wedding or christening where it would be nothing short of rude to look at your phone, you find yourself having what can only be described as withdrawal symptoms. Going to the loo becomes a rare chance to check your messages and maybe have a quick flick through your Twitter feed while you’re at it.

#6 You buy, and religiously wear, one particular pair of jeans because your smartphone fits snug as a bug in the back pocket.

#7 You wouldn’t even consider leaving the house for any length of time without your phone charger. A few hours max – or the charger’s coming with you.

#8 When walking to the train, bank or shops you find yourself holding your phone in your hand rather than tuck it a whole oh… arm’s length away… in your handbag or jacket pocket.

#9 In the unlikely event that you somehow manage to leave the house or office without your smartphone, you automatically drive back and get it rather than be without it and all the joys it beholds.

#10 You find yourself accidently using text speak like LOL out loud. Oh the shame.

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