10 thoughts from the treadmill


#1 God this is tough today. Why so? Maybe it was all that wine at the weekend… [minutes later]… right this is ridiculous, no more wine the night before a run… [seconds later]… hmm, that’d mean a lot of nights without wine though.

#2 The treadmill is a lot like life. During the tough times you have to remind yourself that there will come easier times.

#3 The pain barrier. Hell while you’re approaching it. Oddly easier thereafter. How does that work?

#4 [Sniff] [pause] [sniff again]… smoker to the left of me… fabric conditioner to the right… stuck in the middle with you.

#5 This has got to be harder outdoors. Indoors, the treadmill forces you to keep moving. Outdoors, you have to keep yourself moving. There are hills and strong winds and things. Sod that.

#6 That guy over there is stretching. Sh*t, are you supposed to warm up before getting on one of these things?

#7 Tune!!!!!! Where has this little track been hiding on my shuffle all this time? Haven’t heard this in ages.

#8 Bliss is… when the beat of the music is in perfect synch with the pace of your stride. Boom boom POW Will.i.am!!

#9 I wonder if anyone’s ever lost their balance and gone flying off the back of one of these things. Please, please, please don’t let that happen to me. Please.

#10 Cool down. All done for another day. Enjoyed that.

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8 thoughts on “10 thoughts from the treadmill

  1. #1. It’s the ‘tough today’ feeling, particularly on a Monday that allows you to drink all that wine at the weekend?
    #2. ‘Fail to prepare, prepare to fail’. An old motto we used in Physical Education.
    #3. ‘No pain, no gain’? And another………
    #4. So what sticks in the middle between the smoker and the fabric conditioner? Intrigued.com?
    #5. There can also be inclines and even stronger winds indoors?
    #6. Depends on how far you travel? To some people the warm-up is their run?
    #7. Nothing beats (pardon the pun) a bit of tunes when on the treadmill, boom, boom!!!!!!!
    #8. it’s when the beat gets faster do you try to keep up or lose your rhythm and end up at #9?
    #9. As above!
    #10. The sense of achievement after a warm shower…job done?

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