10 signs it’s been a big night out

Names have been omitted to protect the not-so-innocent.

Names omitted to protect the not-so-innocent.

#1 “The next morning, when splashing your face with cold water from the tap, you find yourself desperately wanting to drink the water instead.”

#2 “You awaken beside a half-eaten curry, bag of pakora or kebab. (Once, it was a vomit-soaked quilt and six Yorkie Bars nicked from the Eddie Stobart-themed office party – don’t ask!!!)”

#3 “You have to ask your friends when – and more to the point how – you got home.”

#4 “You discover you’ve agreed to sign up for a half marathon or triathlon, or booked a spur of the moment mini break, with absolutely no recollection of having done so.”

#5 “You do the walk of shame to your taxi and see people on their way to work looking at you with mild disgust. Taking embarrassment to a new level, you do it on the morning of November 1st while still wearing your batman costume from the Halloween party the night before.”

#6 “You find random particles of glitter in the shower, on your clothes and on your body… up to three days later.”

#7 “Having sneaked home at breakfast o’clock, you get your taxi to pull up five doors away only to receive a text from your neighbour minutes later saying: ‘Ha ha, you are so caught.'”

#8 “You find yourself having to go for a wee sleep under your desk at work while the boss is out.”

#9 “After throwing a house party, you wake up to not one but two ASBOs – true story!!”

#10 “You eat your breakfast at dinner time… then head out in the same clothes and make-up for Round 2!!”

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4 thoughts on “10 signs it’s been a big night out

  1. 11 – Waking up with some Irn Bru, chocolate, bread and bacon and a note to yourself apologising for the hangover.

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