10 things that weren’t around 10 years ago


#1 Chip and PIN, 2003
Following its successful trial in Northampton in May 2003, this new more secure way to pay for goods and services was rolled out throughout the UK over subsequent months, waving goodbye to the need to let your credit card out of your sight. As early as 2005, the cost of counterfeit and fraud on lost and stolen cards was already down by nearly £60m year-on-year.

#2 Skype, 2003
Now part of Microsoft, Skype was first released in August 2003, making it possible to call other Skype users around the world free of charge via computers and headsets – and making the world seem a smaller place in the process.

#3 Facebook, 2004
This time 10 years ago liking someone meant just that – liking them – and poking someone meant, well, something entirely different! Then along came social networking site Facebook and suddenly everyone was talking ‘friend requests’, ‘likes’, ‘shares’, ‘profiles’ and ‘status updates’.

#4 YouTube, 2005
Where did people get their daily fix of watching dancing babies, hamster wheels on repeat, women when drunk, teenagers packing themselves into suitcases or grown men mimicking how animals eat before the age of YouTube?

#5 Twitter, 2006
Twitter founder Jack Dorsey sent the first ever tweet – “just setting up my twttr” – on 21 March 2006. Fast forward seven years to 2013 and it’s estimated that Twitter now has over 200 million active users who between them send over 400 million tweets every day.

#6 Dyson Airblade, 2006
What do you gift the society obsessed with getting everything in an instant? An innovative hand dryer that cuts down the drying time to just 10 seconds compared to the average 40+ seconds of more conventional hand dryers.

#7 iPhone, 2007
Ushering in the era of pinch to zoom and swiping, Apple launched their first generation touch screen smartphone on 29 June 2007. Despite the initial $600 price tag (ouch) over 1 million were sold within just 74 days.

#8 Kindle, 2007
Insatiable readers needed worry no more about the proportion of baggage allowance required for their stash of holiday reading thanks to Amazon’s lightweight e-book reader that can store in the region of 3,000 books.

#9 App Store, 2008
“There’s an app for that” teased the TV campaign that accompanied the launch of Apple’s App Store in 2008, enabling users to download third-party software to expand the iPhone’s capabilities even further. Now, there are whole careers devoted to making apps and an estimated 1 million+ approved apps.

#10 iPad, 2010
The most recent and therefore the most obvious of this top 10, but own one for any length of time and it soon becomes hard to imagine powering up your mac or PC just to check a film time, watch a movie trailer or surf the net when you could simply reach for the iPad…

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