10 romantic gestures


#1 “Having split up with my boyfriend a couple of months previously, I woke on Valentine’s Day to find a card from him popped through my letterbox. It wasn’t until a few hours later when I was heading off out somewhere that I opened the door to find that not only had he hand delivered the card during the night but he’d also left bucket upon bucket upon bucket of all kinds of colourful and wonderful flowers for me, outside my door. (We did get back together, but not until months later.)”

#2 “I walked into the room to find out what was taking my partner so long in getting our one year old dressed and ready for going out, only to find the pair of them sitting beside one another looking at me slightly oddly. My partner cleared his throat, said my daughter had something to ask me and proceeded to help her lift up her little jumper to reveal a new vest printed with the words: ‘Will you marry my daddy?'”

#3 “On our first wedding anniversary, traditionally recognised as the paper anniversary, my husband gave me a travel journal filled with various kinds of currency from all over the world, from all the places he intended taking me to in years to come.”

#4 I once bought a Christmas tree complete with decorations and lights, then turned up at an ex-girlfriend’s house 12 days before Christmas. It was a long shot to try and get back with her… and it worked! Well, for one night anyway!”

#5 “When I was a university student and in my first long-term relationship, I invited my boyfriend around for a meal. As a thank you for cooking dinner he brought me a bottle of wine… and a brand new dictionary because all week I’d been bemoaning the fact that the pages kept falling out of my old trusty one!”

#6 “For Valentine’s Day my boyfriend offered to cook dinner as I had a long commute and wouldn’t get back until late. The starter was a melon and strawberry salad, which he presented on a plate lined all the way round with strawberries that he’d sliced to look like little hearts.”

#7 “When my wife and I first had our baby I would leave little messages on post-it notes around the house for her to discover when I was out at work, just to remind her how much I loved her and how happy she’d made me. I found out later she has every one stored safely in a little keepsake box.”

#8 “For my first Christmas with my girlfriend I bought a box and put a different present in it for the 24 days leading up to Christmas. The first present was the box itself with a promise that if we were ever unhappy I’d do my best to get us back to being as happy as we were in those early days. The other presents all related to us or were things for us to do in the future; things that only we’d really get the significance of. A particularly well appreciated item was a can of Irn Bru for the morning after the office Christmas party!”

#9 “We were having dinner with friends when the waitress brought over this large box and handed it directly to me. As I lifted the lid, out popped a huge balloon with the words, ‘Marry me’, at which point my boyfriend turned to me and proposed. Enjoying the moment, I pretended I hadn’t quite heard him and asked him to repeat himself… which he did, getting down on one knee in front of the entire restaurant.”

#10 “My partner had to be away over my birthday for work reasons so he wrapped up all my presents individually and made me text him after I’d opened each and every one (this was long before the days of FaceTime) even though he was on a completely different continent and in a completely different time zone, all so he could still be a part of it.”

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