10 (more) unanswered questions


#1 When shopping for ingredients for a recipe, what constitutes a “medium onion”? Is there a guide circumference that differentiates the fine line between a medium onion and a large onion?

#2 Sticking with the culinary theme, what is meant by “a glug of oil”? (And before you answer knowingly, “It’s just a splash of oil really, of no set amount” then why do some recipes state, “add two glugs of oil”?)

#3 Why is there such a thing as American English – why not just English? On seeing the word ‘judgment’ flash up during the title sequence for the film Dredd my inner control freak just about passed out in empathetic horror at a typo of such public proportions. Then it dawned on me that it would more likely be an American English thing… though I still had to Google it, just to be sure!

#4 Why do people born in Northern Ireland residing on mainland Britain have a Northern Irish driving licence as well as a British driving licence – why not just a British driving licence?

#5 Surely the Maroon 5 lyric “Even the sun sets in paradise” should really be “The sun even sets in paradise”? Did they get a little muddled or did it simply not rhyme as well?

#6 How do kitchen bins manage to get so dirty? I mean, I get that bins are bins and therefore their function in life is to collect waste but how does so much of that waste get on and around the bin as opposed to directly in it?

#7 Why do they not stamp passports any more when travelling within the EU? It takes away all the romance of a passport being an unofficial journal of where you’ve travelled in life.

#8 When writing manufacturer instructions for how to attach a replacement toilet seat, would it not also be an idea to begin with instructions on how to unfix the existing seat? It’s only easy when you know how.

#9 How come the day you can’t get to the gym because of work commitments you find you’re really in the mood to go workout but the next time you can go you virtually have to drag your sorry self there?

#10 What’s the point of self-service checkouts if you need to call an assistant to approve alcohol, address an unreadable bar code or overwrite the machine’s consternation at you daring to lift the carrier bag off the scale to start a new bag?

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