10 instances when hugging is ill-advised


#1 When one of you has just announced that there are nits going round your child’s school. The word ‘gingerly’ springs to mind.

#2 When one of you is just back from a run. Thanks… really… but… eurghhh…

#3 When one of you has forgotten you’re still wearing your seatbelt. Woahhhh there.

 #4 When one of you has been painting. You may not be able to see that single rogue splash of wet paint lurking on your clothes but it’s there, loitering with intent, waiting for even the briefest of body contact…

#5 When one of you is full of germs, hacking and spluttering away like an old car. And the other one of you is inwardly screaming Dalek-style: “Disinfect, disinfect, D.I.S.I.N.F.E.C.T!!!”

#6 When one of you is very, very tall and the other very, very small. Your chest, their head… it just looks odd.

#7 Before or after a business meeting. Whatever happened to the much less intimate (albeit slightly odd, when you think about it) ritual of a handshake?

#8 When one of you clearly has a problem with other people invading your personal space. Awkward.

#9 When you’re in the middle of a supermarket aisle, a train station at rush hour or busy shopping precinct. Get. Out. Of. The. Way. People.

#10 When one of you is a pickpocket. Enough said.

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