10 backhanded compliments


“I don’t know whether, because you already had [inserts name of ex], you felt like you didn’t need to make an effort, but you’re looking SO much better these days.”

“You know, you can be quite a good girlfriend at times.”

“There’s still time for you to have kids, you’re not THAT old.”

“You are one of the strongest people I have ever known. In fact, I’d say you verge on hard.” 

[On donning a glittery eye mask for a party night]
“It’s good your eye make up is so heavy. It means you can still see your eyes through the mask.”  

“Mum, this is my girlfriend [inserts name]. Wait until you see her eat… I have NEVER dated anyone who can eat quite so much.”

[Male customer to female Sales Manager in building supplies]
“It’s great dealing with you as your product knowledge is always spot on, though really I prefer to deal with a man.” 

[Pupil to teacher]
“My nickname for you used to be ‘Cruel Newell’. I don’t use that anymore, ’cause I like you now.” 

“If I look as good as you when I reach your age I’ll be well happy.”

“I love your Scottish accent, it’s so sexy. I’d like it even better if I could understand you!”

Ever been on the receiving end of a backhanded compliment? Leave a comment below.

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