10 stats about blog 10thingsby, as revealed by WordPress

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#1 The busiest day of 2012 was November 9th when ’10 things every guy (and his girl) should know about testicular cancer’ was published, achieving 369 views – a result owing largely to former professional footballer turned TV pundit John Hartson retweeting the link to his followers. See point 2.

#2 The single biggest referring site was Twitter followed by Facebook. Thank you social media and all those who have used it to share their favourite posts – keep spreading the word!

#3 The post that has received the most views overall is ’10 things women say to men (and what they really mean)’, first posted in July 2012 and still attracting viewers in 2013. See point 4.

#4 To date, the most common search term referring visitors to 10thingsby.com has been “things women say to men and what they mean” or one of many, many funny variations of it including “things women say mean men in trouble”, “things you say to a man and what they actually hear”, “woman translation it’s fine” and slightly more worryingly for one poor soul, “mean things to say to men.”

#5 Other popular search terms bringing visitors to 10thingsby.com included “signs of PMT”, “80/20 rule”, “summer 2012 headlines” and, randomly, “sod’s law examples” which was searched for everywhere from the UK to Uganda and India. Who knew sod’s law was such a popular subject?!

#6 Speaking of geographic reach, 10thingsby.com was read by people in 69 different countries in 2012, with the largest number of visitors coming from the United Kingdom, United States and Australia.

#7 The most obscure search term was “what is the name for someone who dislikes noisy eaters” directing them to ’10 pet hates’ published in September 2012, closely followed by “deep heat on fake tan” taking the reader to ’10 bad ideas.’ 

#8 The most amusing reader comment filtered out as spam by WordPress, stated: “My family and I enjoy a joke; for that reason we talked about sharing a new laugh with you and your website visitors. ‘Hey Bill… Do you talk to your wife while you are having sex?’ ‘Only if there’s a phone handy’, Bill replied.” Spam, but funny spam.

#9 The most commented upon post was ’10 insights into sudden grief’, published on April 2012.

#10 The most active commentator was… my own mum!

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