10 memories of childhood Christmases past


#1 Multi-coloured fairy lights. None of your ever-so-stylish minimalist white fairy lights for our family. Coloured lights said Christmas – the more colours the better.

#2 Handmade baubles crafted at primary school out of egg boxes, tinfoil and re-used ribbon, carefully packaged away again (or quite possibly just stuffed quickly into the box) for the next year and the next…

#3 Advent calendars. Reindeer, bell, chimney, candle, stocking… it didn’t matter which well-worn Christmas icon was behind the door, the anticipation of waiting a day at a time to find out was almost too much to bear.

#4 A glass of malt whisky and a carrot. Yes… whisky. Our santa didn’t much like milk. Rudolph was a bit more traditional in his tastes, right enough.

#5 Men’s long thick woolly socks (unusual considering dad didn’t ever seem to wear long thick woolly socks) used as Christmas stockings and stuffed to the gunnels with all sorts of mysterious shapes, sizes, contours and textures. (Come to think of it, maybe that’s precisely why dad never wore them.)

#6 Selection boxes. The bigger the outer cardboard packaging, the greater the excitement. “We’ll be in chocolate for months!!” (Or so it felt.)

#7 Christmas annuals. Particularly Oor Wullie or the Broons (if you hailed from Scotland), but also Twinkle (if a girl) with heroines Nurse Nancy, Goody Gumdrops and Winkle the Witch.

#8 Bath cubes. One for the ladies, possibly of a certain age, and still occasionally seen today. Little blocks of bath salts, often lavendar scented, that you popped into the hot running water and watched dissolve magically before your eyes. Cutting edge to an eight year-old!

#9 The Radio Times, only ever bought at Christmas for the two-week bumper issue, studied intently then debated equally as intently to negotiate any potential scheduling clashes. This was looooooong before the days of On Demand or Catch Up anything.

#10 Going to bed full of sugary treats, over-tired but happy at bagging such an impressive loot and the prospect of raking back through it all again in the morning.

Got a Christmas memory to add? Leave a comment below.

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