10 signs you’ve bitten off more than you can chew

#1 “You’ve been meaning to go to the loo for the last two hours but not yet managed to get away from your desk.”

#2 “Cutting it to the wire as always, you manage just and no more to catch the train to Edinburgh. Minutes later you discover that the train you’ve actually boarded is for… London.”

#3 “You don’t have one spare weekend coming up… in nine weekends.”

#4 “The first chance you get all day to check your appearance in the mirror you notice you’ve been wearing not one but two tops inside out with labels and seams on show to all and sundry… and it’s now after 5pm.”

#5 “You squeeze in a house viewing straight from work accompanied by your wife and two young children then proceed to leave the youngest – a new born in her carry cot – in the seller’s house, only realising something or rather someone is missing as you go to drive out of the runway.”

#6  “You’re so preoccupied with all that you have to get through over the course of the day that when you step out of the shower and dry off you can’t remember whether you washed the conditioner out of your hair or not.

#7 “You find yourself pointing your mobile phone at your car to lock it rather than your key fob, in full view of your smirking partner. One step worse, you find yourself rushing out of Tesco pointing your key fob at the automatic doors to open them.”

#8 “The person in front of you is talking about something day-to-day, you can see their mouth moving and you’re aware of the sound, but your head’s so far into work that you can’t compute any of what they’re saying. Instead you just stare blankly.”

#9 “You open the fridge and find a box of teabags staring back at you. How on earth did they get in there?”

#10 “You find yourself at the bottom of the staircase, your (now broken) foot firmly lodged in the plaster of the hall wall having taken a tumble because you were trying to carry so much down the stairs in one go that you couldn’t see where you were going.”

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