10 things to do when it all goes Pete Tong

#1 Well up and quite possibly spill over in sheer frustration at the situation (if you’re a girl). Silently seethe (if you’re a bloke).

#2 Ask yourself, “Why me? Why now? Why this again? Why? Why? Why?”

#3 Inhale four chocolate biscuits in rapid succession (if you’re on sugar). Stare out the biscuit tin but ultimately resist (if you’re off sugar), melodramatically drawing solace from the fact that at least that’s one thing you can succeed at.

#4 Remind yourself that you’ve picked yourself up from worse disappointments before and you’ll do so again this time. Then relapse by asking yourself, “But why do I have to pick myself up from yet another disappointment? Why?

#5 Sigh. A lot.

#6 Do something else. Work. Work-out. Tidy. Clean. Anything other than think about what’s just gone badly Pete Tong.

#7 Offload to a partner, friend, family member or workmate and find yourself grudgingly admitting that, yes, there have been seeming disappointments in the past that subsequently turned out to be blessings in disguise or have led to opportunities you couldn’t have imagined at the time.

#8 Thank the Lord for said partner, friends, family and workmates. At least they love you.

#9 Celebrate the end of a truly rotten day by self-administering a medicinal wine, beer or >insert alcoholic drink of your choosing< and feel your pounding pressure headache magically fade away.

#10 Go to bed with slightly less melancholy and considerably more fighting spirit. Feck it, you’ve bounced back from worse indeed!

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