10 things every guy (and his girl) should know about testicular cancer

#1 Despite being one of the less common types of male cancer, it’s the single most common cancer to affect younger men aged 15 to 45, with an estimated 2,000+ new cases diagnosed in the UK every year – double that of 20 years ago.

#2 Caught early, the chances of making a complete recovery are as high as 95%.

#3 Left undiagnosed and allowed to spread beyond the testicles, those chances drop to 80% – still promising, but why risk the additional operations, treatments and worry that could entail?

#4 Doctors recommend that men check their testicles at least once a month. That way, you’ll get to know what’s normal for you and what’s not, making it more likely you’ll catch anything out of the ordinary early on.

#5 The best time to check your testicles is during or after a shower or bath when the skin is warm and relaxed.

#6 It takes just a few minutes to check your testicles. Simply take the sack of skin that holds the testicles in the palm of your hands, then with your fingers and thumb gently feel on and around each testicle.

#7 The most common symptom of testicular cancer is one or more lumps, around the size of a pea or larger, or a swelling.

#8 Other symptoms can include pain or discomfort in your testicles that comes and goes; a pulling sensation, feeling of heaviness or build up of fluid in your scrotum; a dull ache in your groin or lower abdomen; or a feeling of being unwell or excessively tired.

#9 There are different types of testicular cancer that progress at different rates, but in each instance the sooner treatment begins the better your chances of a complete recovery.

#10 Testicular cancer may be more common amongst younger men, but it can still occur in older age groups, meaning it’s vital that you check your testicles regularly, whatever your age.

The John Hartson Foundation is working hard to raise awareness of testicular cancer and help those whose lives are affected by cancer. Men. Women. Children. Families. It’s quick and easy to donate. Simply visit www.justgiving.com/johnhartsonfoundation

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