10 reasons to love Twitter (by a recent convert)

#1 It takes just minutes to set up an account. Well technically it takes minutes but you also have to allow time for debating the best available Twitter address… not such a quick process when you come to it late and there are, oh, only a few a billion addresses already accounted for.

#2 It has its own clever little lingo. Admittedly, it takes a few attempts to get to grips with tweet speak as you realise (after hitting the send button, of course) that (i) you should have put an @ before someone’s address to let them know you’ve mentioned them not a hashtag which signifies an aside or comment (ii) no-one but no-one writes ‘retweet’ in full, rather they all write ‘RT’, and that (iii) diehard twitterers are probably rolling their eyes at your blatant Twitter faux pas.

#3 It gives you a buzz each time you get a new follower. Quite literally as Mr Twitter sends you an email notification. (One can only imagine the likes of Justin Bieber with his 25million+ followers has switched off that particular notification.) (One can also imagine the disappointment when the follower isn’t in fact a bona fide follower but as occasionally happens, a company blanket following people in a marketing move. They seem to wait a day to see if you’ll follow, then if you don’t, they’ll unfollow you just as quickly.)

#4 It’s an amazing business tool. One, you can read about what’s new in your industry: launches, polls, articles, events, opinion, start-ups, vacancies. Two, you can share news about your own business, safe in the knowledge that because people have opted in to follow you they have actively chosen to receive your updates and therefore you are in no way intruding on their brain space.

#5 The more people and organisations you follow the more you can learn. But you have to choose who you follow carefully. High up on the ‘we like’ list are those who tweet regularly but not too regularly, less favoured are those who never stop tweeting or who repeat their own tweets from previous weeks. But thanks to Mr Twitter’s  ‘View more tweets’ function you can check out someone’s tweeting history before following them. Too many tweets? Tweet on, tweeter.

#6 If you have the double joy of an iPhone you can save the tweeted links you’re interested in to your reading list. That way you can find them easily when you have more time to read them in full, or forward them on to someone you know who’d be interested but who may not be following.

#7 It effectively gives you access to people you’d never imagine having access to. Harbour dreams of getting published? How about asking a new author offer for their tips on how best to go about it – and getting an RT. (Imagine the buzz when THAT notification came in.)

#8 It’s a quick and easy way of keeping track of the news (thanks @BBCBreaking) and improving your knowledge of current affairs (thanks @piersmorgan for your entertaining coverage of the recent US presidential campaign debates)(but could you possibly stop tweeting quite so much about football, cricket and Lord Alan Sugar).

#9 It’s good for a laugh (thanks to @johnbishop @robryden but most of all to the ordinary punter types for their pithy/sarcastic/funny one-liners and photos, especially those who very occasionally tweet when drunk).

#10 You can have more than one Twitter account, so long as you have more than one email address. So make a newbie tweeter happy and follow @10thingsby and @lesleydougall… and if I like the sound of you I might even follow you back.  

© Lesley Dougall Copywriting Limited and 10thingsby.com, 2012. Unauthorised reproduction of content is not permitted. To request permission, contact copywriter@lesleydougall.com

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