10 stages of converting to an iPhone 4s (after a Blackberry)

#1 “God it’s beautiful. Just BEAUTIFUL.

#2 “Sh*t, how does it work?”

#3 “Why didn’t I hear those last few messages come in… what have I pressed?” “Why are all the little icons wiggling… what do they want?” “Jesus, I thought the buttons on the Blackberry were tiny… that’s the third text in a row I’ve signed off with a cc instead of an xx.”

#4 “Face-time? What’s that… like video calling? As in the caller can see you? Oh no no no, we’ll be leaving those settings switched to OFF thank you.”

#5 “Oh Mr Intelligent Keypad how I could strangle you as, unasked, you change ‘strappy sandals’ to ‘stroppy’, ‘friggin’ to ‘frigid’ and ‘oooh’ to ‘pooh’.

#6 “Oh look, Mr Intelligent Keypad remembers my overrides… that is clever.”

#7 “Check out the quality of the photos – how sharp are those?! For a phone!! Now if I could just remember to hit the camera icon when taking a photo and not the home button directly beneath it…”

#8 “A free upgrade to iOS 6 with Mr Cirrus moonlighting as the voice of sat nav – how cool is that?? God I love my iPhone. Show me what else it can do! Show me!”

#9 “What do you mean my 2008 MacBook Pro software is too out of date to activate iCloud? I was supposed to update my software??

#10 “There’s a what? An iPhone 5 coming out? And you’re getting it free through work? Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh.”

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