10 pet hates

#1 Drivers who sit right up your tail on the motorway. Back. The. Hell. Off.

#2 Other people’s colds and the sniffly, snorting, swallowing, spluttering, sneezing, hacking sounds that emanate from them. Yeuchhhh.

#3 The way bras goes into the washing machine as individual items yet once in there attach themselves to the nearest long-sleeved garment, reappearing all twisted and contorted and requiring untangling.

#4 Noisy eaters… chomp, chomp, chomp they obliviously go as round and round the food they’re eating goes… matched only in decibels by their noisy cousins, the heavy breathers.

#5 Drivers who don’t indicate. Let’s just play a game of ‘Guess which way I’m going to go’ shall we?

#6 Spitters. Particulary those who do it within potential hitting distance. Yikes.

#7 The way odd socks mysteriously appear at the bottom of the laundry basket. Where did it come from? Where did the matching one go? They definitely went into the washing as pairs….

#8 People who start their sentences with the words, “No disrespect but…’, “No offence but…” or “With all due respect…” guaranteeing you that there’s something disrespectful and/or offensive about to come your way.

#9 People who walk by you… as in directly towards you then right by you… in an otherwise empty street and completely blank you.

#10 People who cheerily toot their horn… characteristically TWICE… when leaving someone’s house. Didn’t you just say goodbye? In words?

Got an equally random pet hate to add? Leave a comment below.

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