10 things about going blonde (by a lifelong brunette)

#1 It takes more trips to the hairdresser than you could ever imagine. Directly related to this, it also costs more than you could ever imagine. WAY more.

#2 Everyone will have an opinion on it and not everyone will like it. See point #3.

#3 You discover there are many ways of someone saying they don’t like something without actually saying it. For example, “Oh, it’s you… you’re blonde. But you’re a brunette!” Or, “You’ve gone lighter… (silence)(stare)(silence)…” Or closer to home, “What did you do with my girlfriend??”

#4 It completely knackers your hair. Gone is the silky soft shine that came with having naturally dark locks. In its place is this coarser, tangly mop. (Mr Redken – thank you, thank you, thank you for inventing your All Soft shampoo and conditioner… the best hair medicine, tried and tested.)

#5 Because it dries your hair out you can now get away without washing your hair every day AND it holds a curl for longer. Every cloud has a silver lining and all that!

#6 Testament to the old adage that change brings change, revisiting the colour of your locks means revisiting your clothes and make-up. Colours you could never carry off now miraculously work and once failsafe make-up now requires a much lighter hand.

#7 You find yourself having random thoughts such as, “Do people really think blondes are any less smart – and if so, will those who don’t know me think I’m less smart?” “What should I do about my eyebrows…?”

#8 When in the company of brunettes you find yourself on the other side of the fence, coveting their dark glossy locks.

#9 Despite the many trips to the hairdresser and the many pounds invested in your ever-lightening locks, you still consider – and see yourself as – a brunette. Therefore every glimpse in the mirror comes as a surprise.

#10 It knocks years off your skin. Mission accomplished.

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