10 signs you’re approaching 40 (allegedly)

#1  You become obsessed with other people’s ages, scanning magazine interviews for the subject’s age so as to compare how you fair against them both in terms of life accomplishments and appearance.

#2 You look back at photos of yourself that you remember hating at the time and realise what you actually had. Plump, glowing, wrinkle-free skin being one of them.

#3 You don’t colour your hair because it’s fun to or because you just fancy a change. You colour your hair because you NEED to. Adding insult to injury, the models on the home dye kits that used to look so middle-aged to you now look too young to be dying their hair!

#4 You commit to upping your exercise and cutting down on the crap you eat, but as much for the long-term health benefits as for appearance.

#5 You now consider skincare products an investment. (At the prices manufacturers charge for their pots of magic potions, it’s little wonder.) (See point #6.)

#6 Antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, collagen tripeptides – skincare adverts that you once skimmed over now suck you in to their mysterious world of age-defying science.

#7 You see time differently. Weekends that, as a child, used to feel like days on end now seem to fly by in a matter of hours. School summer holidays that stretched out for what felt like a whole season have been and gone before you know it.

#8 Your brain has way more ideas, plans and good intentions than your body has energy. Hence you wake up raring to go-go-go then by 7pm find yourself completely pooped.

#9 Your nephew and niece know more about technology than you do, beginning conversations with things like, “If I can give you one piece of advice, don’t go for the 8GB.” (Amy, 9.)

#10 You hear yourself saying things like, “In those days there was no internet or mobile phones” in the way your parents used to say, “That was before the days of colour TVs and video recorders.”

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3 thoughts on “10 signs you’re approaching 40 (allegedly)

  1. I love this. I made a ten signs you are approaching middle-age (plus follow up) on my blog and it’s amazing how few we have in common, yet I recognise all of yours (except the hair & makeup points; well, not that I’d admit to). Great blog and great concept.

    • Thanks Dylan, what lovely feedback… really appreciate it 🙂 I checked out your approach to middle-age and your follow-up and you’re so right… amazing how few we have in common yet I recognise more of yours than I care to admit to!! 😉 Thanks again, LD.

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